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All Inclusive programs provide the student with 30 hours of class, and all class materials. We offer weekday classes,
Saturday/Sunday classes, Saturday only, and Sunday only classes

Programs Available
  • Complete Course Options (Classroom + Behind the Wheel Lessons)
  • Partial Course Options (Behind the Wheel Lessons Only)
  • Partial Course Options (Classroom Instruction Only)
  • Additional Practice Hours (Behind the Wheel Lessons)

Program Overview

Alternative Driving Courses


When most people think of learning how to drive, they imagine taking several weeks and even months to complete the course. What happens if you do not have a lot of free time to complete the course? What of cases where you need a driving license in the shortest time possible? If you are in such a situation, you need not worry. We have the best alternative driving courses in London, courses that will help you earn a valid driving license in the shortest time possible. These alternative courses are known in the industry as driving crash courses, and are explained below.

The first one is the semi-intensive driving course. Under this option, you will learn how to drive in 2-4 weeks. The driving lessons will be spread out over the period, but each class can last between two to five hours. You can choose to do both the theory and the practical with us, although you have the option to have done your theory before registering with us.

The second driving crash course London is called the intensive driving course. This one is even shorter than the semi-intensive course as it normally takes 7-10 days to complete. Again, the individual classes will take 2-5 hours depending on your availability. For both these courses, you can take the official driving test right at the end, whereby you will earn a license after passing.

Conditions for Doing Intensive Driving Courses

Before you register for the class, it is important to note that there are conditions you will need to fulfill. Below are the most essential;

A UK provisional driving license- this is a requirement even for the normal driving courses

You need to have passed the theory part of the driving course- you can take some of the courses online or you can register with us prior to the practical driving course

Money to pay for the course- intensive driving courses are usually less expensive than the normal courses, but our rates in this category are still among the most affordable

Plenty of time- as already mentioned, you will need at least two hours every day to do the practical driving lessons, and you can even go for five hours. Ensure your schedule is clear for that one week or four weeks.

Why Take a Driving Crash Course
Different people will have different reasons for needing semi-intensive and intensive driving courses. From experience, however, these are the most common situations where such a course is necessary;

Busy Schedule- this applies to people whose jobs take up most of their time. While it might be difficult to get enough time to learn over a long period, you can squeeze as much learning as
possible in a short duration. This can be during your leave days or during the business’s off-peak hours.

Prior Driving Experience- some people had learned how to drive but never got their license. Others had
also been taught by their parents. Others simply failed their previous tests. In such situations, it is better to go for the intensive training so as to jog your memory before taking another test.

Urgent Driving Skills needed- this applies to people who get a new job that involves a lot of driving. In other cases, its people who have relocated and they find driving to be more convenient than using public transport. With our excellent driving crash course London, you will driving yourself in no time.

Personal preference- some people simply feel that they have what it takes to learn driving quickly. These are people high in confidence, who have an affinity for learning practical skills and also have a great memory. In our experience, we have come across such exemplary students and it is always a pleasure working for them.

Why us?

It is no secret that you will find other driving schools offering this option. However, we believe that we have certain qualities that set us apart, making us the most preferred option, including;

Experienced and Friendly instructors- our instructors have been offering intensive driving classes for many years now. They have taught a student with all types of temperaments and they know the streets of London like the back of their hands. With this background, they are able to offer individualised training to our students. Their friendly, assuring and encouraging words will help you overcome your fears and perfect your driving skills.

Flexibility- although we have set class times, it is completely up to you which hours you will choose. You can come in early in the morning or late in the evening depending on your schedule. The aim is to provide you the best training at the most convenient time.

Enough cars and personnel- if you choose us, we guarantee you that we will never inconvenience you because of a shortage of cars or instructors. These resources will be readily available for you whenever you need them, no matter the size of the class.

Convenience- once you are our student, we will handle all the other aspects of the course for you. For example, we will book for you both the theory test (if you had not already done it) and the practical test. All you have to do is to concentrate on your learning and driving skills.

High success rate- although passing the test will also depend on your effort, we usually go to great lengths to ensure that you pass. We will answer all your questions and provide you with every resource necessary for you to pass. Our track record of having a high success rate is evidence that we are doing the best for our students.

The best rates in town- not only do we offer the best intensive driving course, but we also have the most affordable rates. You will have access to the best materials for learning the theory, the best instructors, and even the best cars. In other words, you will have maximum value for your money.

Whatever your reasons, do not hesitate to contact us when you need intensive driving lessons. Our guarantee is that we will help you earn your license in the safest, most reliable and quickest way.

We also have programs for those teens that need to take only the behind-the-wheel or class.

  • Program bundles driving and classroom available
  • Online account access 24/7

Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 16 years old
  • Has had the permit at least 9 months
  • Has completed Driver’s ED Course
  • Has accumulated 50 hours of behind-the-wheel extra practice
  • Has received letter of eligibility from the State
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