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Services - Direct Drive
  • 020 84322205
  • Challenge House, 616 Mitcham Road , Croydon, Surrey CR0 3AA


What We Do?

Below are just a few of the courses we teach here at .
We offer immersive, skilled drivers training courses in and around Croydon.

Winter Driving

Our winter season driving classes supply a baseline structure for safe and proficient winter driving. Students in this class will gain a higher understanding of winter vehicle driving characteristics. Knowing how an automobile will react in icy and snowy conditions is crucial to understand how to get home safely and securely when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Throughout the school day, you will acquire behind the wheel experience in these conditions practicing all of these essential skills. Under the watchful eye of our expert and highly trained instructors, you will practice things like skid control, how to avoid an accident, how to brake on ice, and how the various safety systems in today’s vehicles will respond in these wintery driving scenarios. Keep yourself and others safe on the road all year long, enroll today.

Stick Shift Lessons

No matter how much driving experience you may have, or what anyone tells you, you absolutely can’t leap behind the wheel of a manual transmission vehicle and go on your merry way. If you wish to learn manual transmission driving skills, here at , we offer newbie training, which, by the end of our class, we will have you switching those gears with absolute ease. Stick shift training is not just for new drivers. It could be you are buying your very first car, and it’s a stick shift.

Do you have a friend or family member with a manual transmission automobile? You need to be prepared to drive it if they ever need your assistance. Whether you are a beginner searching for stick shift driving skills or an experienced motorist trying to enhance your driving abilities, we are here to help you in the most proficient methods possible. Contact us and schedule your lesson now!

Defensive Driving

Having defensive driving skills is to have the ability to drive in a way that utilizes safe driving habits and techniques to make it possible for motorists, like yourself, to resolve identified dangers predictably. These techniques go well beyond the standard direction of traffic laws and regular driving classes. With our defensive driving classes, our trainees discover how to enhance their driving skills by reducing their driving threats by being able to expect specific scenarios and then make well-informed driving choices.

Such choices are carried out based on road conditions as well as environmental conditions that are present when performing a driving maneuver. As soon as you have determined a possible danger and chose what to do, you must act immediately. Defensive motorists can avoid hazards on the road by utilizing their safe driving practices. Let us here at turn you into the very best driver you can be. Call us today, and let’s keep you safe on the highway.