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Learn how to Drive in Croydon

Driving is one of the basic and most important skills that everyone needs to have especially when they start approaching the legal driving age, which is 17 in the UK. If you want to become a legal, qualified, and skilled driver, you have no option but to go to a highly trained and experienced driving instructor to take you through the course. Luckily for Croydon residents, we are a renowned driving school in Croydon dedicated to providing the high-quality driving lessons Croydon residents need. Our expert Croydon driving instructors have years of experience helping people pass their driving test quickly and easily. They handle all learners in accordance with their unique talents, skills, fears, and learning speeds.

Requirements for learning how to drive

1. The first thing you need is a provisional driving license. You can apply for one the minute you become 15 years and 9 months old. During application, you will have to provide an identity document, addresses for any place you have lived for the past three years, £34 if applying online, and your National Insurance number if you know it. You will also have to take an eyesight test which involves reading signs from 20 metres away. It should take a week for the license to arrive.

2. You need supervision when you are learning how to drive. This can be from a qualified driving instructor or any other person, be it a friend or family member, who meets the rules. Your best bet would be to take lessons from a renowned driving school with qualified driving instructors who know everything there is to know about driving on the roads in Croydon and the rest of the UK.

3. You will have to pass some eye tests. To meet the standards of driving, you must have the ability to read a number plate made after 2001 from 20 metres away. If you have any problem that affects your eyes, you will be required to tell the DVLA. People who need glasses and contact lenses to see clearly are required to wear them at all times when driving. The last eyesight check is the visual acuity test. To pass, you must have a minimum visual acuity of 0.5 on the Snellen scale. For heavier vehicle drivers such as lorries and buses, drivers must have a visual acuity of at least 0.8. If you fail your eyesight tests, the DVLA will revoke your license as you will be deemed a safety hazard on the roads.

What to expect during your driving lessons

After meeting all the legal requirements, it’s time for our Croydon driving instructors to take you through the training. There is no time period that is specified as the requirement for training. Since people are different, some will need lots of hours to learn to drive while others may just need a few training sessions. Our Croydon driving instructors are trained to handle each student according to their unique characteristics.

The instructor will take you to various roads including highways where they can provide guidance on how to drive on different roads and how to handle various real-life situations as they arise. The instructor will also take you through all the vehicle functions and what every knob, button, switch, or lever does.

To enhance safety, all our driving school Croydon vehicles are fitted with a dual-steering system where the instructor may take over control of the vehicle at any time. We know that one wrong turn can be the difference between life and death, so we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the learner, instructor, and other road users are safe.

No one expects you to suddenly turn into Lewis Hamilton on your first driving lessons. Our instructors will do everything possible to help you build up your driving ability and confidence on the road so you can become a skilled and safe road user.

On the other side of your driving lessons lies the theory part of your training. Many people don’t really put much effort in the theoretical part of driving, but any experienced driver or instructor will tell you that it is just as important as learning the practical part of driving; which is why it is mandatory to pass the theory test too before getting a driver’s license. Think of it as electronics manual; you need to know the rules and how to behave on the roads before you can be allowed to drive.

There are three main books you need to study; The Highway Code, Know your traffic signs and Driving-the essential skills. There are also plenty of online resources you can take advantage of to give you more useful information to help you pass the theory test.

Why choose us?

There are plenty of driving schools in Croydon, but none of them can match our high standards. Here’s why;

1. Our Instructors

Our instructors are the backbone of our driving school. Without our team of highly trained and experienced instructors, we wouldn’t be able to provide the kind of driving lessons Croydon residents have been receiving from us over the years. All our instructors are approved by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. On top of that, they know everything there is to know about the cars and all the Croydon roads like the back of their hands.

2. Flexibility

You are the one who determines the amount of time you need and the times at which you will be attending the lessons.

3. Sufficient resources

Having been in business for a while, we have enough resources to cater for all our students. This includes various types of vehicle, qualified instructors, and any other learning materials you need to ace the theory and practical driving tests.

4. Affordable

We offer some of the best rates in Croydon and higher quality compared to other driving schools in Croydon. Our goal is to ensure you get maximum value for your money.

Get in touch with us today and book your driving lessons with the best driving school Croydon has to offer.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 17 years old
  • Has a valid provisional licence
  • Can read a number plate from 26 meters away, with or without glasses or contact lenses.
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