Beginner Driving Lesson Courses

What to expect on your first driving lesson

Beginner Driving Lesson Courses
Beginner Driving Lesson Courses

Beginner Driving Lesson Courses

Based on government statistics, tens of thousands of drivers are involved in accidents on the streets of the United Kingdom annually, with a lot of those fatal or leading to serious accidents.

One of the significant causes of accidents mentioned by the police are over-speeding, general lack of driving experience and lack of knowledge which is why Beginner Driving Lesson Courses are crucial.

The majority of them, obviously, might have been prevented if individuals took the initial step accurately — getting appropriate Beginner Driving Lessons.

Beginner Driving Lessons are extremely important and possibly life-saving.

Our beginner driving lesson courses allow you to familiarise yourself with our vehicles, specifically modified for driving lessons.

What will happen on your first driving lesson?

Your assigned driving instructor will confirm Beginner Driving Lessons by calling you 30 minutes before collecting you from your home, office, work etc address.

You will then be driven to what’s known as a nursery, this will be a quiet set of roads near to your location.

Once your driving instructor has taken the details of your driving licence and asked you to read a number plate from a distance of 26 metres, you will then be shown the cockpit drill.

Every time you get into a vehicle that you are going to drive, you will need to run through the cockpit drill.

What is the cockpit drill?

The cockpit drill consists of a number of safety precautions you would need to adhere to before starting the engine.


As you’re the driver, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the all the doors are shut, all you need to do is to give the doors a firm shake. If the door rattles or the interior light is on, open it and close it again firmly.

Remember to check the boot.


Adjust the seat so you’re sitting comfortably, you do not want to be sitting too close or too far from the foot pedals.

Your knee should be slightly bent when depressing the clutch in a manual car.

Steering Wheel

You can adjust the steering wheel by moving it up, down, in or out, so you can easily see the dials and can hold it in either the ten to two or the quarter to three positions.

Seat Belt

Ensure your seat belt is firmly secured in place and there are no ripples or twist.


Last but not least, ensure your interior or rear view mirror is in the correct position.

You can do this by lining up the top of the mirror with the top of the rear windscreen.

You should be able to see as much of the screen as possible.

The two side mirrors are what’s known as convex.

This means that the image you see in the side mirrors will look smaller and further away, allowing you to see further done the road where motorcycles and cyclist may be hidden from view.

Once the cockpit drill is complete, you will then be shown the controls of the vehicle, such as the gears, foot controls, push and pull steering method, the indicators, windscreen wipers and parking brake.

At this stage, you will be shown how to move off and stop safely, as well approaching junctions and emerging.

Your instructor will then take you back to your address before giving you an end of lesson briefing and booking future driving lessons.

How many driving lessons do I need?

One of the most frequently asked questions we as driving instructors hear on Beginner Driving Lesson Courses is How many driving lessons do I need?

This is a tricky question to answer as every individual is different.

The DVLA state that you will need approximately one and a half hours of driving lessons for every year of your life.

So if you are 20 years old for an example, you will need 30 hours of driving lessons, give or take.

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